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We take pride in sourcing the best quality food for our customers, thought great connections and long-term researches of small and big suppliers we can assure you will find what you crave for!



 Basil Leaf has over 60 cheeses to choose from, we created a good relationships with the greatest Cheesemakers in England, Italy, Spain, Switzerland and France and customers can expect some seasonal specialties that will arrive throughout the year. Not sure what you are looking for?- it's best if you come in and have a chat!



We have a great selection of sliced ready to eat meats and most popular saucissons. Whether you are looking for a quick snack or platter- ready delicious charcuterie - this place is for you!

PS. We do beautiful platters - just email us at  (min 24hrs notice) 


Fruits & veg/PRODUCTS / DELI

Basil Leaf Deli is stocking fruits and vegetables mostly from London Borough Market. We work with family-run businesses, farms and unique producers.

We aim to get different variety of produce and we try our best to go organic to suit every customer. Products suggestions welcome - just speak to one of our staff members and we will try to get it for you.

If you have any product suggestion come in and see one of our lovely staff or email us on