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Basil Leaf Deli Produce

What we stock

We take pride in sourcing the best quality produce for our customers, through great connections and long-term research of small independent businesses to the greatest suppliers we can assure you will find an exceptional selection of wildly desired foods.

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Our deli has over 60 cheeses to choose from, we created a good relationship with the greatest Cheesemakers in England, Italy, Spain, Switzerland and France and customers can expect some seasonal specialities that will arrive throughout the year.

Vegan & Vegetarian options are available!

Right with many accompaniments like chutneys, pickles and nibbles.



Not sure what you are looking for?- it's best if you come in and have a chat!

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Charcuterie | Olives & Marinades | Fresh Pasta | Pate 

We have a great selection of sliced ready-to-eat charcuterie, and a wide range of olives and marinades to choose from.

Fresh pasta for a cheat day or cooking chorizo if you don't like shortcuts. 

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Fruits & Vegetable

Here at Basil Leaf Deli, we take pride in our range of Fruits and Vegetables, we do travel and pick them ourselves, just so it is the best quality in freshness and taste!  We aim to get different variety of exotic fruits and vegetables and we try our best to fulfil customers suggestions.

Basil Leaf Kitchen

made at our deli

Come in and see our tasteful range of sandwiches & toasties made each morning. Right with the freshly ground coffee your lunch is sorted!

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Premium Wine & Spirits


We source premium wines and spirits that go perfectly with the cheeses we sell.

From Champagne, prosecco to Organic Red Perrin.

For any occasion, we have you covered!

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Fresh Bakery

Unforgettable Sourdough bread and baguettes.

Pastries, and a sliced loaf from our local bakery - Happy Toast Bakery.


Fresh Bakery comes in every day, except Mondays.

Order your morning goods via our online shop for morning delivery

Fruits & Veg
Wines and Spirits
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